The different personas of trade show attendees

Most often, companies begin the preparations for their trade shows only a few days before; when they are about to ship materials. This leaves way too much to chance. Trade shows are meant to cater the needs of its attendees.  If you fail to impress them, then your participation is said to be a flop. 

Driving people towards trade shows is not such an easy task, as it includes people with different mind sets. Each person experiences a trade show in a very unique way. So before a show, you should identify the category of attendees you really want to address and games or activities that benefit you. 
Hope you are curious about knowing those different categories of people attending the shows and what they really do have in their mind.  Generally, the attendees of trade shows are divided into the following categories:

1. Scholar:
Scholars have a sharp focus on the innovative and technical side of the show.  They try to develop a complex, depth and sophisticated understanding of the new products launched. Their areas of interest can be business solutions, information technology, medical/clinical or anything. 

2. Explorer:
Some attendees, like exploring the show by walking around.  Something that they think great about exploring the show is the chance of meeting with the celebrity business owners and others who are working behind the big brands, which they would have missed if they hadn't been roaming around the floor with the attitude of an explorer.

3. Pillagers: 
They visit the show in search of new swag to take with them.  There's lots of great stuff to pick from a trade show; colorful PD sticks, pens, wristbands gift cards, cloths, eye wear etc. These are just a few great giveaways. Passionate pillagers will of course find more. 

4. Detective:
Attendees who have the detective type of mind set have a game plan in their mind before they get to the show. They visit exhibition booth after booth, collect brochure after brochure to collect evidences before making that final purchase decision.   

5. Judge:
These kinds of attendees carefully listen to the vendors. They will have their own points in favor of or against a business solution according to the information they have collected. And then they analyze all these points to make their decision making. 

6. Shopper:
People with a shopper’s mind set mainly check for the discounts and rebates that various exhibitors offer at the show. Another thing that they search for is the free gift purchase offer section. 

7. Fashionista: 
Some attendees are there at great expos to get caught up on the trends. There is also an opportunity for them to take advantage of the great deals on nearly everything from equipment to software. 

8. Social Butterfly:
Some attendees visit a trade show mainly to get seen and heard. They listen to others carefully and collect materials as much as they can that can help promote their business and networking.  

“The golden rule for every business man is this, Put yourself in your customer’s place” – a quote by Orison Swett Marden. 

Getting the most out of the trade show attendees is the basic aim of any trade show.  If any one wins then there is business. If lost, then that means there are more to be done on it! A thorough understanding of the attendees’ mind set, your targeted audiences and planning accordingly assure you a successful exhibiting. Are you ready for your next exhibition? Hope these pre-show tips helps! If you have any questions about planing or preparing for your trade show, do drop a mail to us. It's our pleasure helping you. 


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