Factory on Daily Rental

When was the last time you had an exhibition stand in Saudi without a bothering of a timely execution..?

Needless to tell you how Saudi boarders are clogged with delayed shipments, especially even longer the queue at UAE boarder.  We all read in the news about the length of this queue once being a horrifying 28 km with 5800 trucks..!!!

Here's our alternate solution that many contractors considered sensible.

Just send your people to build any number of stands here (in KSA) for an event.  We will serve you with full-fledged, 4800 sq. ft., factory  that can be availed on a rent starting from AED 350 per day.  In addition, whether it's the need of additional labors, material purchases, logistics, rental elements, or visa assistance, you can depend on our friendly operation executives; because all that 22 years legacy of InstoreMasters in exhibition stands started from this capital city of Saudi Arabia. 

If you are interested to make use of any of these plans, please drop us a mail to riyadh@instoremasters.com.  


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