The different personas of trade show attendees

Most often, companies begin the preparations for their trade shows only a few days before; when they are about to ship materials. This leaves way too much to chance. Trade shows are meant to cater the needs of its attendees.  If you fail to impress them, then your participation is said to be a flop. 

Driving people towards trade shows is not such an easy task, as it includes people with different mind sets. Each person experiences a trade show in a very unique way. So before a show, you should identify the category of attendees you really want to address and games or activities that benefit you. 
Hope you are curious about knowing those different categories of people attending the shows and what they really do have in their mind.  Generally, the attendees of trade shows are divided into the following categories:

1. Scholar:
Scholars have a sharp focus on the innovative and technical side of the show.  They try to develop a complex, depth and sophisticated understanding of the new products launched. Their areas of interest can be business solutions, information technology, medical/clinical or anything. 

2. Explorer:
Some attendees, like exploring the show by walking around.  Something that they think great about exploring the show is the chance of meeting with the celebrity business owners and others who are working behind the big brands, which they would have missed if they hadn't been roaming around the floor with the attitude of an explorer.

3. Pillagers: 
They visit the show in search of new swag to take with them.  There's lots of great stuff to pick from a trade show; colorful PD sticks, pens, wristbands gift cards, cloths, eye wear etc. These are just a few great giveaways. Passionate pillagers will of course find more. 

4. Detective:
Attendees who have the detective type of mind set have a game plan in their mind before they get to the show. They visit exhibition booth after booth, collect brochure after brochure to collect evidences before making that final purchase decision.   

5. Judge:
These kinds of attendees carefully listen to the vendors. They will have their own points in favor of or against a business solution according to the information they have collected. And then they analyze all these points to make their decision making. 

6. Shopper:
People with a shopper’s mind set mainly check for the discounts and rebates that various exhibitors offer at the show. Another thing that they search for is the free gift purchase offer section. 

7. Fashionista: 
Some attendees are there at great expos to get caught up on the trends. There is also an opportunity for them to take advantage of the great deals on nearly everything from equipment to software. 

8. Social Butterfly:
Some attendees visit a trade show mainly to get seen and heard. They listen to others carefully and collect materials as much as they can that can help promote their business and networking.  

“The golden rule for every business man is this, Put yourself in your customer’s place” – a quote by Orison Swett Marden. 

Getting the most out of the trade show attendees is the basic aim of any trade show.  If any one wins then there is business. If lost, then that means there are more to be done on it! A thorough understanding of the attendees’ mind set, your targeted audiences and planning accordingly assure you a successful exhibiting. Are you ready for your next exhibition? Hope these pre-show tips helps! If you have any questions about planing or preparing for your trade show, do drop a mail to us. It's our pleasure helping you. 

Factory on Daily Rental

When was the last time you had an exhibition stand in Saudi without a bothering of a timely execution..?

Needless to tell you how Saudi boarders are clogged with delayed shipments, especially even longer the queue at UAE boarder.  We all read in the news about the length of this queue once being a horrifying 28 km with 5800 trucks..!!!

Here's our alternate solution that many contractors considered sensible.

Just send your people to build any number of stands here (in KSA) for an event.  We will serve you with full-fledged, 4800 sq. ft., factory  that can be availed on a rent starting from AED 350 per day.  In addition, whether it's the need of additional labors, material purchases, logistics, rental elements, or visa assistance, you can depend on our friendly operation executives; because all that 22 years legacy of InstoreMasters in exhibition stands started from this capital city of Saudi Arabia. 

If you are interested to make use of any of these plans, please drop us a mail to  

Try ExhiBest and stay upbeat this financial year!

The new business season brings in new hopes and you might have planned your business goals with great attention and enthusiasm. If you are an experienced exhibitor you will have the details of all your previous events attended and so you will definitely be keener on your success mantra. 

Few Things About Us

The online marketing arm of Grafiks International, Instoremasters has more than 18 years of industry experience in the Middle East. Our enviable growth in recent years has helped us venture into online marketing of our products/services and attain popularity as the only professional solution provider for the BTL industry in the region.
Our reputation as an all-round solution provider means that we are designers, manufacturers, suppliers of  products for the BTL ad industry, and retail advertising and marketing solution in specific. Our products include Exhibition Stands, Interactive Kiosks, Retail Kiosks, Mannequins, Retail Store Interiors,Vending Machines,  Portable Displays, Point of Purchase (PoP), Outdoor Signage, Business Gifts, Visual Merchandising Aids and Accessories, Digital Signage Networks,  Media Locations and so on. Our professional marketing techniques have helped us gain ground all over the Middle East and for us to spread our wings to more exciting markets in North Africa and South Asia. 
See our varied list of products and services to make Instoremasters your premier solution provider....the sourcing instruMeant for marketing professionals.


It is very tough in the world of instore marketing displays and store design to get the right producer who will merge creative designs and material expertise. Listen to statistics that say that an average display stand and lighting increases attention and sales dramatically by 56%. Expert suppliers also comprehend studies that prove that 70% purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase. So we at Instoremasters know how to put up efficient and captivating displays.
Our 18 year experience in the field has given us enough expertise to boldly venture out to the Arab countries and the Indian peninsula. Our design team can vouch for this as they have worked with top multi-national companies like Nestle, McDonalds, Fedex, Castrol, Hummer, Reebok, Saudi Airlines, Dell and many more...
We have branches in Dammam, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah and Calicut and partners in major cities like Cairo, Beirut, Amman, Damascus, Baghdad, Dhaka, Mumbai, Manama,Karachi, Colombo, Moscow, Tehran and so on.We have also entered into strategic partnerships with world class manufacturers, agents, exporters and suppliers from the European Union (EU), US and Far Eastern region to provide our clients the latest cutting edge solution for their custom requirements that leave us miles ahead of our competitors.

Point of Purchase Displays

It is now a well known fact that an attractively arranged display at the point of purchase increases sales by almost 70%. So Point of Purchase or POP as we call it has become an important part of the retail display strategy of a store. It is very helpful to highlight a product among others, announce special offers and also to launch new products. 
Instoremasters with our 18 year wide experience are the experts to come to in this niche field. we have material expertise combined with custom design solutions that will help clients to capture the attention of  the customer easily. more
Product Variants: Point Of Sale, Marketing Displays, Retail Display Stand, Display Gondola, Brand Display Stand,  Advertising Furniture, Product Displa
y Stand, Merchandise Display Stand.

Store Interiors

If the store interior is shabby and dull, there is no point in saying that you have quality products in the store. The store interior has to be exciting and attractive, the customer has to be tempted to enter the store and see the goodies inside.
As one of the main departments of  InstoreMasters, we provide our clients with innovative and quality solutions for store fixtures, store design, visual merchandising signs and furniture. We serve as the link between agent you and retail equipment suppliers.more
Product Variants: Design Company, Retail Interior Expert, Retail Format, Retail Interior, Brand Interior, Showroom Architecture, Shop Design, Showroom Designing, Commercial Designing, Store Building, Shop Decoration.

Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions are an exciting opportunity for companies to meet their clients and customers face-to-face. A brilliant marketing tool to impress suppliers, manufacturers and customers all at the same time. So it is very important that your exhibition stand is attractive, efficient and functional. It should be sophisticated and at the same time stand out from all the other company stands
Instoremasters can help you whether you need a custom exhibition pavilion, a quick low-cost solution like shell scheme exhibition system or an attractive and re-usable modular exhibition pavilion that you can store  and reuse...more
Product Variants: Exhibition Display Company, Exhibition Booth Supplier, Exhibition Pavilion, Exhibition Stand, Exhibition Design, Expo Stand Design, Trade Show Design, Trade Show Pavilion, Tradeshow Display, Exhibition Builder, Exhibition Decorator.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks and Vending machines lead the way in what is known as the self service revolution. More and more people are now identifying with it, according to a poll which brought out the fact that more than 75% of 633 people said that they were more inclined to deal with organizations that offered self service.
This indicates the vast scope of interactive kiosks in future. Interactive Kiosks can give information, assistance and even educate public in several fields of use. Airports, Large malls, libraries are now fully utilizing the capabilities of the Interactive Kiosk...more
Product Variant: Kiosk Supplier, Kiosk Company, Touch Screen Kiosk, Touch Screen Computer, Touchscreen Enclosure, Kiosk Design, Kiosk Consultant, Kiosk Enclosure, Kiosk Cabinet, Kiosk Stand, Kiosk Booth, Computer Booth, Computer Directory, Atm Kiosk, Airline Check-In Kiosk.

Retail Kiosks

Retail kiosk or RMU (Retail merchandising Units are specially designed kiosks that serve as mini shops. They are easy to set up and does not require much capital to begin. They are placed in key locations with maximum customer footfall. RMU's have a 360 degree exposure and is always designed to accommodate its product in the most effective way.
They are also known by several names like Mall kiosk, Island Retail Unit, Shop-in-Shop, Vending Kiosk,  Isle Kiosk, Display Island etc.
Product Variants: Retail Kiosk Consulting, Retain Kiosk Design, Retail Kiosk Supplier, Kiosk Expert, Retail Kiosk Company, Retail Merchandising Unit RMU, Portable Store, Island Shop, Island Kiosk, Passage Store, Aisle Store, Mall Passage Shop, Walk-Way Store, Shop-In-Shop Kiosk.

Vending Machines

There is nothing on earth which cannot be sold on vending machines nowadays. From live crabs in Japan to solid gold biscuits in Las Vegas, Vending machines have now taken over a significant portion of a company's retail budget.
With 18 year track record in the BTL Industry, Instoremasters is the best choice when it comes to vending machine solutions. We can be the bridge between the prospective buyer and the intricate source or maker...more
Product Variants: Vending Machine consultant, Vending System, Vending Machine Company, Vending Machine Supplier, Vending Expert, Self-Service Machine, Ice Cream Vending, Candy Vending Machine, Coffee Vending, Soda Vending machine, Juice Vending, Cigarette Vending, Magazine Vending.


For an item of clothing to be displayed attractively there is no other option better than mannequins. They give structure and form and can show how a clothing falls on a body. They can showcase trends and provide ideas on how to combine clothes, shoes and accessories.
At Instoremasters we supply mannequins of different types like flexible mannequins, realistic, sporty and innovative mannequins...more
Product Variants: Mannequin Supplier, Mannequin Company, Mannequin Shop, Mannequin Showroom, Basic Mannequins, Headless Mannequins, Kid Mannequins, Female Mannequins, Male Mannequin, Innerwear Mannequin, Fashion Mannequin, Jewellery Mannequin.

Portable Displays

Portable displays are low cost display items easily put up and dismantled. They can be moved easily from one place to another really fast. They are very useful for retailers in trade fairs, seasonal  displays, for a product/service launch, corporate/PR events, seminars, symposiums and so on. It increases the attractiveness of the product several fold.
At Instoremasters we provide our clients some of the most functional and effective pop up displays, banner stands, brochure displays, Poster displays and so on...more
Product Variants : Pop-Up Display Supplier, Pop-Up Display Company, Pop-Up Display Experts, Pull-Up Banner Stand, Panel Displays, Promotional Banner, Promotion Banner Stand, Exhibition Banner Stand, Literature Displays, Display Counter, Table-Top.

Digital Signage Network

Want to use a media that captivate, amaze and hold the attention of customers for a significant amount of time? Digital Signage Network is the answer. This form of indoor advertising is 500% more effective than a static sign in capturing the attention of the customer and retaining the info in their minds.
Instoremasters realizes the marketing potential of Digital Signage networks and is actively engaged with the industry's leading professionals to cater to the clients needs...more
Product Variants: Narrow Casting Consultant, Narrow Casting Expert, Narrow Casting Service Provider, Digital Signage Network Consultant, Digital Signage Advertising, Mall Advertising, Supermarket Advertising, Hypermarket Advertising Screen, Plasma Screen Advertising.

Business Gifts

A token symbolizing a business relationship, Business Gifts can create goodwill, promote the brand and prove as an incentive towards maintaining a partnership. The quality and functionality of the business gift will either make or break you. Cheap, low quality giveaways can create a bad impression about the company.
This is where Instoremasters comes in. We will help you choose the best corporate gifts that reflects your brand image and company profile, all within a reasonable budget...more
Product Variants: Promotional Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts, Corporate Incentive, Gift Items, Gift Articles, Premium Gifts, Customer Giveaway, Exhibition Give Away, Gift T-Shirts, Gift Cap, Corporate Diary, Gift Ideas, Promotional Giveaways.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage is one of the fastest growing advertising media in many parts of the world. Illuminated Billboards, Hoardings made in 3D has superior visibility and is very versatile. Its increases visibility is enhanced due to the fact that it is present for the passerby to view everyday on his/her work.
Most business development managers are yet to accept outdoor signage as a significant marketing tool, the reason is because they do not know its value. Instoremasters is the only professional outdoor solution provider in the Middle East with the requisite material expertise and design skill...more
Product Variants: Signage Company, Sign Board Supplier, Billboard, Hoarding, Advertising Sign, Glow Sign, Shop Sign, Premises Sign, Building Sign, Fa├žade Sign, Roof Sign, Scaffolding sign, Unipole Sign, Pylon Sign, Monument Sign, Pavement Sign, Unipole Sign, Trivision Sign.

Industrial Signage

Industrial signage is absolutely vital to provide information, direct customer traffic and so on in  a retail environment. At Instoremasters we have state of the art equipments and resources combined with our experts in the industry who assures the best quality products are delivered to our clients...more
Product Variants: Safety Products Company, Traffic Sign Supplier, Road Sign Maker, Safety Signage, Safety Articles, Warning Sign, Safety Labels, Warning Labels, Engraved Label, Metal Labels, Screen Printed Label, Anodized Label, Safety Tags, Warning Tags, Safety Stickers, Warning Stickers, Triangle Sign.

Commercial Designing

Space planning and ROI with maximum visibility is the key to making retail design perfect. This is a challenge faced by many designers while making the layout of their store. By commercial designing, we aim to combine design and industry know-how with creative visualization and material expertise.
As a premium solution provider for store and commercial design, we have engaged in many prestigious projects all over the Middle East. So we have created the best mechanism to ensure our clients the possible results...more
Product Variants: Graphic Designing, Computer Design, CAD CAM Design, Retail Interior Design, Showroom Interior Design, Shop Interior, Commercial Interior Design, Store Interior, Retail environment, Retail Format, Exhibition Stand Designer.

Media Locations

Through Media Locations we mean all sorts of outdoor media. A powerful medium of advertising, outdoor media space renting is quite challenging because it is part of a company's brand image and ad budget. It can convert a small unknown product into a brand at half the cost of other electronic media...more
Product Variants: Outdoor Media, Street Advertising, Unipole Sign Board, Highway Hoarding, Mupi Sign, Megacom Sign, Scrolling Sign, Prisma Sign, Digital Signage Network, LED Screen, Large Format Video screen, Backlit Sign, inkjet rental sign, scaffolding sign, roof-top billboard, skypole, street light pole.

eStore & eMarketing

Nowadays companies, whether traditional or new have their own site and employ various forms of online marketing. Brands and Shopping sites have now turned to social networking sites to promote themselves. This trend helps to increase consumer confidence and also engage them in creating better products...
Instoremasters have realized a gap in Middle East companies providing E-store and E-marketing capabilities...more
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