Retail Kiosks

Retail kiosk or RMU (Retail merchandising Units are specially designed kiosks that serve as mini shops. They are easy to set up and does not require much capital to begin. They are placed in key locations with maximum customer footfall. RMU's have a 360 degree exposure and is always designed to accommodate its product in the most effective way.
They are also known by several names like Mall kiosk, Island Retail Unit, Shop-in-Shop, Vending Kiosk,  Isle Kiosk, Display Island etc.
Product Variants: Retail Kiosk Consulting, Retain Kiosk Design, Retail Kiosk Supplier, Kiosk Expert, Retail Kiosk Company, Retail Merchandising Unit RMU, Portable Store, Island Shop, Island Kiosk, Passage Store, Aisle Store, Mall Passage Shop, Walk-Way Store, Shop-In-Shop Kiosk.